Everyone knows that roulette is a game of chance and every time you spin the wheel you're hoping for luck to be on your side. However, relying on luck when it comes to choosing the right roulette site might not be the best approach, as you could wind up using an online casino that doesn't live up to its own hype. Finding a great roulette site can become even more difficult when your search is restricted to only considering casinos that provide online services to players who are based in New Zealand.

Promotions and Sign Up Bonuses

Every roulette site that provides access to players in New Zealand will offer some sort of bonus for new players. Oftentimes, these promotions will come in the form of matched deposit amounts and free chances to win mega jackpots. Some casinos will let you play for an hour for free, while others will give you anywhere from 80-150 free spins on the biggest roulette jackpot.

Of course, if you're a roulette fan, then you should be looking for bonuses that provide free spins. It's also best to go with a casino that offers to match subsequent deposits, as some will match a percentage of your deposits up until the 4th or 5th deposit.

Selection of Roulette Variations

European Roulette

This is one of the most popular online roulette that you can find at any casino website. Its unique identity is a single zero, making it ideal for gamblers who want to experiment the effect of using variables.

Multi Ball Roulette

This is a type of roulette where different balls spin around the wheel with each attempt that you make. This means that there can be cases where players get more than one winning number.

French Roulette

 Its house of edge is 1.35%, and this is one of the reasons that makes it attractive to many people. The best bit about it is that you can also play it from anywhere.

Multi Wheel  Roulette

This one involves more than one wheel per spin. It enables players to try out several games within a short time.

Of course, if you're signing up with the primary goal of playing roulette, then you'll want to have access to a decent selection of roulette variations. This will help to keep you from getting bored with the conventional roulette tables because you'll still have other playing styles to explore after you've grown tired of the typical casino-style roulette.

Site Design & Interface

Graphics and Responsiveness

Customer Service and Support

Try sending an inquiry to the site's support staff before you sign up. Doing this will help you gauge how fast the average response time is when you're trying to contact their customer service department. Most roulette sites will offer support via email and chat, although some also have 24/7 phone support hotlines.