Sister’s Christian Faith Strengthened by Brother’s Messages

Email from Scarlett Meadows of Nashville, Tenn.:

My brother died of a massive heart attack at age 42, the day before his 43rd birthday. He and our mother shared a love of football. Green Bay football, to be exact. A couple of weeks after his death in 2011, Green Bay went to the Super Bowl. The first player to score, was Nelson (Jordy Nelson of Green Bay). The very next score of the game was Collins (Nick Collins of Green Bay). My brother’s name……Nelson Collins.

Also, my mother, after the funeral, was sitting in Nelson’s childhood room (which he had spent a week in visiting about 1.5 weeks earlier), when she smelled tobacco smoke. Nelson smoked quite a bit. She had an overwhelming sense of his fear — that he didn’t know what was happening. She told him (through her tears) to “go with the Angels, it is okay to go.” The smell left, and the sense of fear.

I am reading your book and really enjoying it. We have a strong Christian faith. I faltered in my faith and even a cancer diagnosis of my own did not strengthen it. But when my brother died suddenly I had overwhelming joy and renewed belief in Heaven and God’s grace for His own. I do not believe that everyone has a “peaceful” afterlife, but those with faith do. My brother was not a church-goer. He was a believer. And he is with Jesus. Thank you for your book!