Family Credits Departed Son As Christmas Tree ‘Dances,’ Lost Glove Reappears

An email from Sheilah Ream of Pennsylvania:

I lost my son, Samuel on Nov. 23, 2014. He died unexpectedly, in his sleep. He was 36 years old and adored by his family and friends. Our family of four sons, my husband and I are extremely close.

Three weeks after he died my husband was home alone. He was looking at the Christmas tree and an ornament that Sam had made as a child with a smiling photo of him, thinking of how happy he looked, when the top half of the 8-foot tree began to bend, move and shake as if it was dancing! He watched for a while and left and returned two more times, and each time the tree danced for him.

That same month my husband lost a leather work glove outside, no sign of it after much searching. On Sam’s birthday in January, the glove turned up on the floor in the middle of a room.

Some of his close friends and his brother had “dreams” of seeing and hugging him, talking to him and then waking up and still feeling the hug he had given them.

We visited Northern California in August 2015 to spread his ashes in the Redwood forests and Pacific Ocean, where he always wanted to visit. After spreading his ashes in the ocean on a huge deserted beach, totally devoid of stones, shells etc., I looked down to find an inch-wide pure white stone in the perfect shape of a heart. I know he left it there for me. These are a few of the signs that my Sammy sent us. They comfort me, and I have totally believed that our love is a connection that will remain forever. I have felt that your book was an affirmation of what I and my family have experienced and are very glad you wrote it. Many thanks.