A Skeptical Dad Reaches Across the Veil

An email from Tobie Hewitt of Rochester, New York:

I went to The Hand on the Mirror website to post this email to you when I saw that your husband had transitioned to the other side. I am very sorry for your loss and send you healing, peace, light, and love as you traverse this bend in your path. I have decided to send on the letter below in hopes that you find some comfort in further confirmation that “death” is not an ending, just a move to new surroundings.

After hearing your story on CBS Sunday Morning, it was with great interest that I read your excellent book. As you shared your walk through that difficult and edifying journey, I became more and more aware that my story is one you might appreciate. You see, I have spent my entire life as a mystic and a writer.

As a spiritual girl in a physical world, I have dedicated my life to helping others realize that they are spirits, embodied on this earth to learn from the experience and that they do not need to fear the transition known as death. By spreading this awareness, I hope to contribute to a more peaceful and cohesive world.

I write a daily blog (tobiehewitt.wordpress.com) to share with others ways in which they, too, can live a more “spirited life.” I have written several books on this topic. You might find my autobiographical book, Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life, interesting in light of your quest for information and truth about our survival after the transition known as “death.”

When my father, a scientist, passed away, his belief was that death was an end, that there was nothing after the final breath. An hour and a half after he transitioned, he started communicating with me in very concrete and recognizable ways. My mother, who had been in total agreement with my father’s belief that death was the end, sent, after her recent passing, a message through a medium that contained very specific and verifiable information that could not have come from any other source.

My entire life has been surrounded by the reality of the spiritual world. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.



Powdery Wings, and a Civil War Soldier Comes in a Dream

An email from Donna Highfill:

Thank you so much for your courage and honesty displayed in the telling of your story. I’ve recommended your book to several woman 50+ who have whispered their stories to me. I am a consultant with financial companies and have had experiences on and off all my life.

Six years ago, around the age of 50, I received “wings” on my car made of the same white powdery substance you described, with such feathered detail even my atheist aunt (a professor at UConn) said the only way it could have made that print was to be burned into the glass. Even though the powder was light, it took weeks for it to totally go away. My husband scraped it off with our first ice storm. (I accused him of erasing God right off my windshield.)

Donna Highfill_resized

A couple of years later, I came home to a drawing made in the dirt all over my large driveway . . . with no footprints in the dirt – it was all circles and triangles — and we have no neighbors. I also had water appear on my front door after walking out of it, and when I took a picture you could see half a face and feathers. Needless to say, your story made me feel “normal.” I keep working and try to stay quiet when a spirit shows up in my bedroom, or I have a dream where a man yells a name three times that I find out three years later was a Civil War leader in a battle where my house sits. Thank you, most of all, for being an intelligent woman willing to share your story.

Quantum Experiment Confirms “Spooky Action at a Distance”

Quantum Experiment Confirms “Spooky Action at a Distance”

The results of this experiment prove to the strongest level so far the existence of quantum entanglement. This theory could offer a scientific underpinning to explain why people experience connections across normal time and space, including perhaps after death.





Neuroscientist Builds Device That Allows Brain-To-Brain Communication

This 18-minute Ted Talk by neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis explains his research that led to a brain-controlled exoskeleton used by a paralyzed man to kick the first ball of the 2014 World Cup. Now Nicolelis is testing the limits of how consciousness can be transmitted between brains of monkeys. In amazing ways, this broadens the horizons of what we think is possible in human communication.

Some Patients Conscious Under Surgical Anesthesia

Research suggests that about 1 in 1,000 patients undergoing surgery will become conscious, usually in a fleeting moment, while still sedated and appearing unresponsive. Researchers wanted to know more about this to increase understanding of consciousness, which remains scientifically elusive. So they tested patients with surgical anesthesia (but not surgery) and found that many could recount images and events, some realistic, some dreamlike — another research step for those who want to know what happens to consciousness when we aren’t “conscious.”

Anesthesia May Leave Patients Conscious—and Finally Show Consciousness in the Brain

Scientists Capture What Was Thought To Be Unprovable!

A huge scientific discovery announced this week confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, which Einstein theorized but that most scientists believed could never be proved. (Sound familiar? Like the notion that communication from the afterlife is absurd and can never be proved?) What made this happen was a creative, persevering team of scientists, and they recorded the sound of two black holes merging into a blast that would make the Big Bang look like fingers snapping. This New York Times article explains it all, with a great, informative video in less than 5 minutes. Be sure to listen to the link in the article to hear the sound itself, replayed in slow motion. The second link is to an opinion piece that puts the discovery in perspective. Our hope is that one day, this same scientific perseverance can answer questions about survival of consciousness.