Reviewer wishes for more scientific scrutiny of Janis’ events

Suzanne Titkemeyer has experienced supernatural events and believes there is life beyond death, and she gives a strong thumbs-up to Janis’ book. But she wishes that each event described in The Hand on the Mirror had been subject to rigorous scientific scrutiny. (A fair wish, but not one that was within Janis’ domain or knowledge when they were occurring.) Ms. Titkemeyer’s website on is called “No Longer Qivering: There is no U in Quivering” and focuses on survivors of spiritual abuse and the dangers she sees in the Quiverfull philosophy and lifestyle in fundamentalist Christianity. She writes a blog on

Humor columnist: Are we sure we want our loved ones to see us from beyond?

Joanne Brokaw, who writes a blog called Heavenly Creatures on, takes a light-hearted look at the questions prompted by The Hand on the Mirror. How do we reconcile what we learned from our faith with the idea that there is survival after death – and communication from beyond? And yes, sometimes those ideas can feel very strange, she says. Ms. Brokaw is an award-winning humor columnist, freelance writer and animal rescue supporter who has written several books. Her website is

Can Logic and Paranormal Coexist?

Remaking June (as in Cleaver) is the goal of lifestyle and review blogger, Kendra Smith. Reading The Hand on the Mirror will make readers think and question, which is exactly what Ms. Smith does in this post.  The best part about the book, according to Ms. Smith is that Janis had  “no preconceived notions to guide her conclusions. This was brand new to her and she approached it as such.”  And that, combined with Janis’ methodical approach to finding the truth, creates a credibility that will resonate with readers…and make them think…and question. review by David Dashifen Kees has this excellent review by David Dashifen Kees:

In other words, even prior to picking up this book, I was inclined to trust in the author’s experience.  But, years in the journalism industry provided her with an innate understanding of the skepticism her claims were going to create.  As such, the author is meticulous in establishing her own the credentials and those of others with which she meets during the course of her investigation into the handprint on the mirror…