“More Than Human” Documentary Raises Many Questions

Actor Paul Giamatti narrates and directs this 2015 episode of National Geographic’s Breakthrough series about how science and computers can augment and replicate and change our experiences as human. This fascinating two-hour show will leave you questioning what consciousness really is and how much we may one day actually control our human experience – and whether we need our bodies to have those human experiences.

School for Psychics Helps You Talk to Ghosts

With this story about the Arthur Findlay College in England for training psychics and mediums, The Wall Street Journal adds to the more enlightened approach to media coverage of the topic of survival of consciousness. It’s light-hearted but not snarky and asks serious questions about finances, philosophy and the social context for the school’s work.


How do media affect views on the paranormal?

Look for scientific research on how the media affect people’s views of the afterlife and other paranormal events, and you won’t find much. But Glenn Sparks, a professor at Purdue University, has done some interesting work. This study is from 2001, covers a pretty broad definition of “paranormal,” and the media landscape has changed dramatically since then. But his work asks some good foundational questions about the impact of television viewing on beliefs.