Photo © Sigrid Estrada
Photo © Sigrid Estrada

Welcome to our little niche on the Internet. If you arrived here, you probably heard about my book, published by Grand Central, a division of Hachette. You came to the right place.

The Hand on the Mirror is the story of an unusual personal journey. It begins with the untimely death of my husband Max in 2004 and follows with a series of otherworldly events that startled me at first, and then intrigued me. Ultimately my newspaper instincts kicked in and I decided to research whether or not our consciousness survives death. Simply put, I wanted to know if we continue on in another form after we die. Unfolding over eight years, this is the story of my spiritual and scientific journey into the unknown.

One of the compelling reasons for writing this book was to encourage people to talk openly about their own experiences with after-death communication from a loved one. I’m hoping that some of these conversations can take place here on the pages of this site.

I’d like to build a community that offers not just an emotional framework, but a scientific foundation of legitimacy for these conversations. I envision this site as a welcome harbor for personal stories as well as a resource for anyone interested in resumes, articles, institutions and books that shed light on the science in this field.

There are three ways for you to get involved. You can email me and offer your suggestions for an addition to the site. You can share your story or you can sign up for Illumination, our newsletter.

The backbone of the community is the newsletter which will be published periodically for those who sign up. In it we’ll share the most moving stories, research projects, press coverage and anything else we find interesting.

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Janis Heaphy Durham